Marketing to the Thai Audience: 3 Strategies for 2020


Although 2019 has come to an end, the Thai marketing trends that started last year, or even in 2018, have only just started to consolidate. 2020 will be a year for marketing where we will see a lot of the tried and true strategies come to fruition, while also noticing a few key changes in the pattern. As we are still early into the year, now is the perfect time to go through expected trends, relevant strategies and a few predictions for the year ahead in Thailand for marketers.


More Stress Must be Given to Mobile

It was estimated from an extensive study, that more than 90{8425beff49249f921e7a852ead68a4d6c9538cb2e8197c348a082fbb58f93b12} of the Thai population who have access to the internet will prefer to use their smartphones to access it. This is a trend that is not going to change anytime soon but can only grow, given how popular smartphones are becoming in the country with every passing year.

What it means is that the following few points should prove to be exceptionally useful for marketing to the local audience in 2020.

  • Mobile app centered marketing; app notifications and exclusive promotions
  • Improving UI/UX design for mobile marketing platforms
  • Dynamic web and email design to fit any screen/window ratio with the best possible legibility and navigability
  • Time to bring back text marketing via SMS in full force again
  • Concentrating on social media group activities; if you know which groups your customers are in on Facebook, you know what their interests are

Localized Marketing for the Local Crowd

The Thai audience is, to some degree, proficient in English, but that’s not their first language. Also, the dissimilarities between culture, tradition, and thought processes are vast. This is why it would be essential for companies to collaborate with local digital marketers who understand Thai customers more intricately.

If you are targeting the capital city for instance, then you need a digital agency Bangkok that you can relate with and vice versa. You will still be in charge of everything, but the local agency will be able to guide your strategies through so that your business can breach the barrier and reach the Thai customers with greater success. It will simply make every marketing investment more efficient.

Connecting the Online and Offline Wings of Marketing in Thailand

Although digital marketing remains the most relevant and successful mode of marketing today in Thailand, 2020 is the perfect year for marketers to broaden their horizons. It is the year to stretch and reach beyond the computer or smartphone screen and touch base with offline marketing as well.

The idea is to identify and cater to the target audience at every point of interaction, both in the digital and real world. The year 2020 will see Thai businesses taking an ‘experience first’ approach, which will appreciate the customer from all possible angles in order to create a positive experience and impression for long term relationships. As a matter of fact, a unification of strategies by touching all points of interaction is going to be the main theme and success mantra for marketing, in general, this year.

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