How to cancel vat registration in UAE


VAT registration is compulsory for those who fall in the category of the required threshold. If not, the company can deregister for VAT. There is a certain criterion to fulfill in order to cancel your VAT registration. Here in this article, you will learn the requirements and steps you need to fulfill to cancel your VAT registration in the most appropriate manner.

Cancelling VAT registration in UAE

There may be a lot of reasons why people would want to cancel their VAT registration. By VAT deregistration it is meant to deregister the TRN number of the taxable person from the Federal Tax Authority.

Here are the different reasons that may cause a person to deregister its VAT registration number;

No more taxable supplies

If a person stops making the taxable supplies, he wouldn’t need to pay VAT or get registered under VAT

Less value of taxable supplies

When the taxable supplies of the company are less than the voluntary threshold for about 12 months.

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Process of VAT deregistration in UAE?


Cancelling VAT registration in UAE can be carried out online through the online portal of Federal Tax Authority. Anyone who is moving forward towards deregistering for VA, he should first consider completing all the basic requirements for the cause.

If the company faces any of the aforementioned conditions for consecutive 20 days, it should definitely get deregistered. The registrant is required to apply for VAT registration right away when he sees his company falling in the cases that are written above


When the company submits the application of VAT deregistration, the authorities check whether or not the claim being filed is true or not. If it is true and the company falls in any of the two cases mentioned above, the authority will accept the application


After opening the online portal of FTA for VAT deregistration, you will see a screen where you will be required to fill certain categories as per the need.

If the registrant doesn’t cancel his or her VAT registration within the time limit, he may attract penalties towards him.


After the acceptance of VAT registration, the cancellation of, the person will be notified with the Pre-approval of deregistration. You will get a status update on your dashboard where the status will change from deregistration to Pre-approved.


In order to register for VAT, you will be required to submit your VAT tax returns. it is very important for you to pay all your liabilities on time before you deregister.

VAT deregistration is not that difficult at all.  the procedures are really easy to carry out but if you need any type of assistance, you can always hire a registered tax agent like Farahat & Co. This will make the whole process quite easier for you and you won’t even need to go into the depths of VAT deregistration.

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