Top 5 Easiest Online Businesses In 2020


Today we will be talking about the Top 5 easiest online businesses that you can start in 2020.

Before we start, I would like to say that no business is truly easy.

For every business there is some work involved which you will have to do, that’s business.

However, all five businesses on this list are a lot easier than original “brick and mortar” businesses.

For most of these businesses, you will need nothing but some time, a computer and a couple hundred dollars to start.

That’s a lot less than traditional business where you would need to rent some property and have tens of thousands of dollars just to start the business.

Things are a lot easier today, thanks to the internet.

So, let’s get into this list!

  1. Affiliate Marketing

First on our list is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is when you sell someone else’s product through your tracking link.

When a sale is made, you earn a commission.

It is by far the easiest online business that you can start because you don’t need your own product, your own support or anything else that comes with having your own business.

All you need to do is focus on selling the products through your tracking link.

When there’s sales you get commissions, it’s that simple.

If you are looking to learn affiliate marketing, then I recommend that you either watch YouTube videos or have a look at some blogs such as the one that is linked on the word affiliate marketing.

  1. Drop-Shipping

Next on our list is drop-shipping.

Drop-shipping is when you sell products that are being sold for cheaper somewhere else on your online store.

Then when somebody goes and buys the product, you just go and order it for a cheaper price with their shipping details.

Then the product is shipped to your customers house and you keep the difference between the price that it costs you and the price that you charge.

Drop-Shipping is a little harder than affiliate marketing, however, you can still learn drop-shipping on YouTube or through blog articles.

  1. Drop-Servicing

Don’t like the idea of drop-shipping?

Why not try drop-servicing?

Drop-servicing works the same as drop-shipping, it’s the same process but you are selling services instead.

For example, you are selling the service of creating e-book covers.

On your website you sell professional e-book cover designs for $80.

However, when someone makes a purchase, you head over to a freelancing marketplace such as Fiverr and purchase the e-book cover for $10.

That’s $70 profit, if you can sell 10 a day, then you are looking at $700 per day.

Of course, you must subtract your advertising costs too, however, this is a pretty solid business model and it is fairly easy as well.

You can also learn drop-servicing on YouTube or through blog posts.

  1. Content Creator

Next on our list is being a content creator.

It does not matter whether you are creating YouTube videos, writing blog posts or taking pictures for Instagram there is a way to get paid for it!

The way to earn money from your content varies from platform to platform, but they are all pretty similar. Some involve using Advertising networks and others involve combining it with affiliate marketing, drop-shipping or sometimes just selling promotions.

However, the key is to grow

  1. Knowledge Business

Lastly, we have a knowledge business.

Do you have a field in which you are an expert?

Well, if you do you can sell your knowledge. You can do this through consulting or actually selling a course in that field.

It does not matter what the knowledge is in, there is always somebody who wants to know what you know.

You can also put it in other forms such as E-books, for example.

The benefit of selling knowledge or any digital product is that there are no production costs, you can create a course and sell it repeatedly without any added production costs.

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