Waydev and Its Products for Better Managing Engineering Teams


Waydev is a new responsive, method of tracking engineers’ output that is data-driven. The information is brought directly to their team leaders without their input. This product will analyze any codebase that you use such as:

  • Gitlab
  • Github
  • Azure DevOps
  • Bitbucket

This aids you in better bringing out the best in a company’s engineers’ work. This will help reinvent how engineering team leaders can track engineers’ output, helping them be more data-driven and able to make decisions that are objective. The way that Waydev works have many benefits for the engineering staff. There is also another company such as Gitprime that have these work product methods also.

Work logs

Using these work logs can be helpful in coaching your engineers. This singular view of the team’s work habits, and what an engineer work product is on a single day helps the company make decisions that are better, set outlooks and allow their team to overtime improve.

Daily updates

The team’s speed can work by comparing the impact of work last week to the present week. You then can find where last week’s work focus went as well as if there were engineers who did not check the in-code. This directs your abilities to accomplish company goals.

Project timeline

This can help a company see exactly where engineers’ work focus is. Is it creating code, working on old code or is it due to them helping others? When you view events in this way, you can see how each person’s work impacts the performance of the entire team and you can better manage decisions that are data-driven.

This is truly an excellent program that can help in getting the most out of your engineering teams, thus being able to set and attain project goals.

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