All You Need to Know about the Caterpillar 3412 Generator


If you are looking for a generator, be it for your business or home use, know that you have plenty of options. With so many available choices in the market today, it is quite difficult to make the right choice. To narrow down your choice, we reviewed one of the best on the market, the Caterpillar 3412 Generator.

It comes in two variants, namely:

  • G3412 – The letter G at the start of the number stands for gas, for this model is a natural gas generator.
  • D3412 – The letter D at the start of the number stands for diesel, for it is a diesel generator.

The Caterpillar 3412 is one of the best-selling series gensets because it gives you the option to use natural gas or diesel. Not to mention, it is fuel efficient and compliant with pump and line emissions. This generator series produces dependable power sources that range between 635 ekW and 800 ekW at 60 Hz. The overall design is constructed in such a way that it will meet the ISO 8528-5 transient response.

Features and advantages offered by the Caterpillar 3412 Generator

The most noticeable features that offer greater advantages include the following:

  • It comes with a four-stroke cycle engine, ensuring optimum performance and maximum fuel efficiency.
  • It is made from high-quality materials and a durable design to make sure that it can last for a very long time, even when exposed to harsh environments.
  • It has top-notch motor stating capability
  • It comes with a high-end electrical and mechanical design.
  • It is lightweight so you can easily handle it.
  • It is CSA certified and meets ISO 8528-5 transient response.
  • It suits the cat engines’ requirements and characteristics output and performance-wise.
  • This generator series is highly efficient.
  • It meets the industry’s requirements for motor functions and capabilities.

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