Shipping of Any Side-By-Side ATV or UTV


While shipping any vehicle, the first question that may come to your mind is about the cost of shipping. When shipping any ATV or UTV, it will be no different. In this article, we shall try to share what all will go into the shipping cost for any side-by-side vehicle.

For any such side by side shipping of ATV or UTV, you may contact Ship a Car, Inc. whether you are buying a new ATV/UTV or in case you just prefer to bring of your own. SAC will always offer you the best choice for your all-terrain vehicle or utility task vehicle transport needs.

As far as the process of shipping of ATV/UTV is concerned, there is not much of difference with any car or any other vehicle. The only difference will be what kind of equipment and carriers are to be used.

Since side-by-side vehicles seat is typically between 2 and 6 people, but they can vary pretty widely so far as their size and shape are concerned. Not all types of carriers or trailers are an appropriate fit.

For example, whatever is right for any dune buggy will not work for any Yamaha Viking. This can be one of the reasons why it will be very important to look for a transporter who is having enough experience in moving any particular kind of vehicle.

Any more seasoned shipping company will have the required trailers that are particularly designed for moving ATVs and UTVs.  They should be able to accommodate various sizes and dimensions of any side-by-side vehicle.

In fact, ideally, soft-tie straps must be used for securing an ATV in its place so that it can prevent damage to your vehicle during its transportation. Another key ingredient is an air-ride suspension that you need to look for if it comes to ensuring a very safe shipment of your ATV or UTV. Any soft ties and also a smooth ride will make it safe for shipping.

What about cost?

There are many factors that is going to affect your cost of shipping any ATV. The basic costs will be related to the actual weight of your vehicle and the amount of distance to be traveled.

A few other things that can also influence the price that can be the exact time of the year you want to ship, costs of the fuel, and additional insurance in case if it is needed. Of course, the weight will be the biggest factor when we talk about the cost of shipping.

All side-by-side vehicles’ weight can be within the range of 350 pounds – 2,000 pounds and it will make a very big difference in your cost of transport that you can expect.

Usually, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) will be on the lighter side of the weight, while the utility task vehicles (UTV) will tend to be quite heavier vehicles.

While shipping your ATV and UTV through Ship A Car, Inc. you need not pay anything upfront. Only when you will receive your vehicle, you can make your payment. Another advantage of SAC is that you can ship your vehicle anywhere in the USA.

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