A How-To Guide To Becoming A Singapore PR


It’s no secret that Singapore is one of the most attractive countries for many individuals around the world. Not only is there so much to see, do, and discover, there are also many benefits for those residing in Singapore. As one of the most urbanised countries in the world, Singapore enjoys a high standard of living. People come from all places to experience what it has to offer. There are some who come to pursue educational opportunities, to find good paying jobs, to start businesses, to be with family, and so on. There are many people looking to settle down in the country, and if you are a foreign national looking to reside here, you’re not alone. Thousands of people each year apply for the right to reside in Singapore each year.

How can you reside in Singapore permanently?

Want a chance to settle down, live in Singapore, and become a Singaporean citizen? There is a long process that you have to go through to earn the right, but once you’ve earned it, the benefits are endless. For example, those who are citizens have the right to enter and exit Singapore freely, avail of housing in the HDB, and also have other rights and privileges pertaining to housing, education, employment, health, and so on. If you foresee yourself staying long-term in Singapore, you should definitely look into becoming a Singapore citizen.

But before you become a citizen, most foreign nationals will be required to attain Permanent Residency status in Singapore first. One needs to submit an application for PR and complete some steps before attaining the status. But before you go rushing to send in your form, you should be aware that there are some requirements that need to be met before you are eligible for PR status. Check out the requirements on the Singapore government website to know the full list of eligibility requirements.

There are many types of individuals who are eligible to become a Singapore PR. Here are just a few of them::

  • Students studying in Singapore
  • Spouse of a Singapore citizen or PR
  • Foreign investor to Singapore
  • Unmarried children below 21, adopted by or born in a legal marriage of a Singapore Citizen or PR
  • An aged parent of a Singapore Citizen

If you fall within any of these five categories, then you may proceed to send in a PR application.

How do you make the application?


When applying for PR status, there are numerous documents that you have to send so they may be able to review you. The kinds of documents that you have to send in are dependent on what category you are above. For example, if you are a child aged under 21 or a spouse of a Singapore PR or citizen,  there are separate documents lists that you need to get. Likewise, if you are a foreign student or investor, your documents list will be different.

Expect some common information to be required of you like photos of yourself, proof of employment, and much more.

The procedure of applying for PR status


Need to know where to apply for PR status? For convenience’s sake, you don’t need to visit a government office to submit your application. Instead, you can apply for PR status in Singapore online, using the government’s official e-Service. Depending on the category of applicant you are, you can either submit it through a valid SingPass account or apply through other means.

 An important thing to note: the application process for PR citizenship isn’t free. There is a processing fee for applications that you can pay online. And if your application is successful, you need to pay additional fees for acceptance.

So before you send in your form, make sure you’ve double and triple-checked it. To make sure you really pass.

Is there a point to being a Singapore PR?


You don’t need to ask: yes, being a Singapore PR is worth it. While you’re not yet a Singapore citizen, you’re one step closer to achieving your goals. You also have much more freedom to move about in the country compared to foreign nationals, as well as have more rights. Say goodbye to the hassle and stress-filled days applying for visas or permits to stay in the country or enjoy all sorts of rights that ordinary Singaporeans already enjoy. When

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