March Interview of the Empowered Woman


Empowered Woman: Tanya Kowalski

We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest Empowered Woman, Tanya Kowalski: Founder and CEO of Silken Pure, which provides self care and luxury sleep items using pure mulberry silk for the modern woman.

Photos taken by: Aria Smith, NYC

Please share who you are and what you do professionally?

I am a mother of three, a wife, and the founder/CEO of Silken Pure (

I am also an Occupational Therapist for 27 years.

What are you most proud of?

My family. We call ourselves “The Fab Five”. We have an eternal fountain of love, laughter, acceptance, and support for one another.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Progress, not perfection. Life is long, so pursue your passions and interests along the way even if you are not able to commit to them full-time. Also, be kind and gentle to yourself.

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Being a female entrepreneur is a powerful thing. Can you please share a few words of wisdom/advice to someone who wants to start her own company?

It’s powerful but it’s also really, really hard. There are high highs and low lows. It’s a consistent learning opportunity if you allow it to be. Challenge yourself to be fearless and take risks. Often times starting is the hardest part. Surround yourself with people who make you want to be better. Seek out mentorship and feedback from peers. Don’t reinvent the wheel and waste energy, instead study it and make it better. Be honest with yourself about what you’re building and where you want to go. Look at challenges as an opportunity to think outside the box. Force yourself to acknowledge your professional and personal struggles; taking the blinders off is the only way to get better. Lastly, patience is the key. When doing something the right way, planting a seed is almost always the first step to developing quality relationships and growth.

Behind the Brand

Developing Silken Pure hailed from my love of teaching self care. As an occupational therapist, my education and experience of both biomechanical science and psychosocial training created the foundation. All too often, we sacrifice our own wellbeing and forget the importance of the mind-body balance. At Silken Pure, we recreate and design simple everyday items, and then use the highest quality non-toxic/earth friendly silk found in the world to help elevate and achieve a balance of both luxury and self care. Our mulberry silk is a pure protein fiber with 18 amino acids harnessing both health and beauty properties. It truly is a small luxury with big benefits.

Our culture of giving

Since we began this business, we have been inspired to use our success as a platform to help others in a meaningful way. We are dedicated to giving back. Our passion lies within mental health. We engage in frequent campaigns giving up to 50{2cc3c9e039a98b446024c64af0ee7999126003622bc0fe6aedd9f63974a20d6b} of our proceeds to nonprofit foundations that help our youth with mental health and breaking the stigmas surrounding mental illness.

What matters to you, matters to us: we regularly donate Silken Pure for local fundraisers and events such as Mom of the Month.

Favorite Quote?

“We Rise by Lifting Others”

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