How Avant Consulting Can Help in the Area of Financing for Your Company


There are many places that a business can go to get financial help – some better than others. One of the better places to consider for getting financing is Avant Consulting.

Loan advisors

Avant Consulting is a loan financing advisor Singapore, offering more services to assist clients with gaining finance through various banks and other financial institutions. This company is based in Singapore and has been working in this field since 2013. They have a team of consultants who are experienced and ready to assist you in any of your applications. With a wide variety of partnerships, this company can assist you in obtaining the financing that you need to achieve your funding requirements.

Areas of expertise

This loan consulting services will be able to help you to:

  • Understand better business loans in Singapore
  • Help structure business to acquire loans better
  • Getting better terms and rates
  • Reducing outputs and refinancing
  • Saving time in obtaining financing options


This company provides a wealth of services such as:

  • Hire purchase
  • Loan financing for industrial property
  • Shophouse/commercial property loans
  • Mortgage refinancing.

Hire purchase

In a “Hire Purchase” agreement, the buyer pays a down payment as well as the remaining amount with interest by installments. These agreements are done for expensive goods or merchandise. The buyer officially and legally only owns these goods after completing total payment. These agreements are quite popular with newly established companies that don’t own any fixed assets that can be used as collateral in securing a loan.

Financing industrial property

This is for those companies who need more factories or industrial properties. You can get an industrial property loan at lower interest rates and Avant Consulting pledges to get the best deals for these companies.

These are only a few of the types of financing help that Avant Consulting can help you obtain for your business.

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