How to Improve your Local Business and Attract more Customers


In the increasingly competitive digital market, getting ahead of your competitors is very challenging. It is crucial that your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game is top-notch for your local business. Here are a few tips to boost your business by improving your local SEO. This, of course, should come after you have done the offline part of the marketing by showering your loyal customers with promotional products such as branded Personalized Umbrellas, sports balls, T-shirts, pens and handy bags. Now let’s discuss those tips.

1. Optimize your Website for a Mobile-Friendly Version

If you want to reach more local customers, optimize your mobile website so that it loads quickly and has impressive UI for great UX. Gone are the days when consumers visited websites solely on their PC. There has been a massive shift towards viewing web pages on mobile devices. 57 percent of local searches are made on smartphones or tablets. When a user wants to buy something locally, he quickly searches on his smartphone for local businesses around him selling that product.

If your website pops up in his mobile search, you should make sure that your website can be accessed easily and he visits your store. Studies show that 75 percent of mobile searches for local stores lead to customers visiting the stores offline within 24 hours. Also, add location pages to your business website to boost local SEO.

2. Update and optimize Google My Business (GMB) account

Log in to your GMB account and provide accurate details such as name, address, phone number, brief business description, working hours, etc. Make sure you have a company logo and add a lot of good quality pictures of your store’s interior, exterior, and the products you sell, that customers would want to check out before visiting your store. Make your business listing appealing.

In addition to this, you can ask for reviews from your customers after the close of a sale or by sending emails after the purchase. Encouraging your customers for an online review is a good idea as it encourages more local customers to purchase from your store. Remember to respond professionally to your customer reviews.

3. Make use of an Online Business directory

Your potential customers must be able to see your company everywhere when they search for related products. Gain as much online visibility as you can because greater visibility means higher rankings in local search, therefore increased chances of visits to your store, thus more sales. For this, enlist your business in a local business directory online. Build and grow your online presence in local business directories and local listings websites to come closer to consumers looking for businesses nearby. Your business listing in any online business directory must have up-to-date details about your company’s name, address, phone number and the like. Also, provide a detailed description of your business and add a lot of images, and remember to include a back-link to your website.

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