Gas Leak Detectors and What They are Used For


Gas leak detection equipment checks for gas leaks in many areas in order to find leaks early to help stop any exposure to gases that are hazardous. Single, as well as multi-gas detectors, are devices that are portable used commonly for inspecting leaks in pipelines or tanks. Single-gas detection tubes have granules that will change color after exposure to a compound, making this perfect for spot testing.

Detectors for fixed gas offer constant monitoring in an area; and are used in many facilities and plants where employees’ safety is important. Test systems for automated gas detectors provide data for tracking and calibration for a matching gas detector. Calibrating gas is operated for testing the sensitivity of gas detectors.

Well-known company

There is a company that produces gas leak detectors South Africa and is quite well-known for the products that they produce. They produce detectors that are used in many applications as well as many various situations or places.

Products for gas detection

Many companies produce gas leak detection equipment and the type of products made includes:

  • Sniffer helium leak detectors
  • Refrigerant sniffer leak detectors
  • Hydrogen sniffer leak detectors
  • Helium vacuum leak detectors
  • Tracer gas fillers
  • Accumulation leak detectors
  • Leak detectors for system integration
  • Natural gas leak detectors

Product uses

These products are used in many safety services that can help people avoid any injuries, meet compliance for facilities, increase production and manage risks. These can be used in:

  • Audits and testing
  • Safety assessments
  • Programs for safety
  • Employee training

Service after-sale

Most companies that produce gas detectors especially for major businesses will also supply services as well as repairs on all the products they produce. They will also supply any spares for some products and repair as well as calibrate others. Service after the sale is important in the business of gas detector production.

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