Guide to Hiring Your First Developer


When it comes to hiring an IT candidate, the process is a bit different.

Unlike other office jobs that mainly require communication skills, a few technical tests are required to find a candidate that can make things happen.

An IT candidate can be a developer, software engineer, or a coding geek that can code the ideas effectively. At the moment, we’ve got several technologies and frameworks and it has created multiple streams for one to choose.

We’ve 100+ JavaScript frameworks for web developers only, and we have got a similar frameworks ratio for mobile and desktop app development. To choose a developer that can rightly meet your client’s requirements and multiply your revenue, make sure to implement these strategies:

#1. Conduct a Thorough Interview

First things first, do an in-depth interview. Start by an introduction and ask for the specialties. Talk about why he has chosen the technology and what are his ideas to make effective developments happen.

A few more crucial questions can be added, to find the competency of the candidate sitting next to you.

#2. Always Ask for a Portfolio

It is a fact that you don’t have to look at academia to decide how good an IT candidate can perform. Rather, you have to look at the quality of work that the candidate has crafted.

If he’s a mobile app developer, ask for the app that he has developed recently. Similarly, if the candidate is for web development, ask for the related portfolio.

Undoubtedly, a portfolio is the only way to know how creative and competent the candidate can be. Top-notch IT firms ask for a portfolio or Github profile link to measure the quality in addition to the CV or resume.

#3. Have some short Practical Tests

This is what tech giants including Google and Microsoft do, they simply share some practical problems with brief requirements. The candidate has to develop a solution using the technology he has applied for.

Later, as a solution is created, they look at the coding efficiency and correctness. You can implement the same strategy by conducting short but practical tests during the interview.

The ‘practicality’ is what tech entrepreneurs believe in, try to conduct more practice tests to find the right development candidate.

#4. Arrange a Development Competition

Just like these practical strategies, a development competition works great!

Here’s how to get started:

  • Find a great idea: Brainstorm and find an idea that can be performed effectively on the framework you’re currently working on.
  • Document the idea: Just like the way a programming exam has problems with asking for solutions, you’ve to document the idea specifying the maximum requirements.
  • Promote the competition: Make use of social media, online developer communities and ask them to participate.
  • The Prize: Finalize a prize for the one that develops perfectly. it will surely be a job opportunity at your firm.

#5. Take Help From Leading Job Platforms

If you publish a job vacancy ad through social media or print media, you will receive 100s or 1000s of applications in no time. The time required to filter them and find the one that is actually suitable can take days or even weeks.

To avoid the delay, you can go with a job platform that connects employers with quality employees. A recommendation is to go with Jobflow, as they offer a simple yet effective platform to connect your future employees. Competent and skilled developers are always there waiting to get contacted by top tech companies. Just list your job with proper requirements and voila, you get connected to your future employees. Hire developers and list your job right now!

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