Why Plastic Injection Molding Is a Good Choice?


Plastic is part of quite a few equipments around us. We can barely think of our world without this material. From tiny to big, there are different shapes and sizes of plastic produces that are required. One of the most reliable and versatile among plastic production machines is plastic injection molding machine (เครื่องฉีดพลาสติกขึ้นรูป, term in Thai) which is becoming a part of the industry. This efficient machine is much better than any other option. There are quite a few advantages of integrating this machine in the workplace.

Highly efficient

When it comes to plastic molding nothing can beat the efficiency of this machine. This is also the most common form of plastic molding as well. Compared other methods of plastic molding, it is faster. As the output rate is quite high, it is cost-efficient as well. Though the speed depends on the size and complexity of the mold, it usually takes merely 15-120 seconds to pass between each cycle. Though the time between each cycle is short, a greater number of molds can be created within this short period of time. This helps with increasing profit margin and revenue.

Complex design

Complex plastic parts are tough to mold. But it is not that of a tough job for this machine. It can mold extremely complex parts and creates millions of identical parts. Choosing the right design will help to create quality products consistently. Failure to choose the right design can result into costly processing mistakes. The elements of design include wall thickness, gate placement, weld lines, boss design, rib design, and corner transition.

Enhanced strength

Strength is one of those factors which must be kept in consideration to get perfect products. The strength decides the type of the material- rigid or flexible. The designer needs to adjust the gussets or integrating ribs to get the perfect product. It is important to know how and in which atmosphere the product will be used. Proper balance will result of perfect stability and strength.


The color and material of any product matter. When creating plastic parts, it is necessary to keep these two elements in mind. The possibilities are endless due to the variety the machine offers. Advance polymers allow choosing from a large collection resin. Here are a few things to consider while choosing the resin- water absorption, heat deflection, flexural modulus, tensile strength and impact strength. There are also different coloring techniques like precolour resins, liquid color, and salt and pepper blends. This offers a wide range of color options to choose from.

Waste reduction

Green manufacturing is an important aspect. Plastic waste is one of the biggest issues of modern world. Along with strength, speed, efficiency, it is necessary to choose sustainability as well. Safety of nature is as important as safety in the workplace. Along with a commitment to quality, commitment to nature is also necessary. There are eco-friendly plastic molding machines which that help in reducing the amount of waste during production and protect nature while producing quality items.

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