Purposes and Goals of a Company of Financial Advisors


ABC Financial Advisor offers its clients professional investment management services in Vancouver. Their goal is to help their clients in making the right choices with good financial counseling. They provide reliable growth and investment strategies to preserve and grow wealth.

In Canada

This Vancouver wealth management company plays an essential role in many transactions that are financial and take place in the economy of Canada as well as around the globe.

The goal

In order to keep things as simple as possible, it is to know that the goal of every wealth management firm is to grow the wealth of its clients. They do this by investing in bonds, stocks, equity funds, global funds, corporate financing, for their clients.  Various firms try to do that by any means, but the goal of any wealth management firm is inseparably linked to the goals of its clients. When the client succeeds financially, the wealth management firm also succeeds.

Retail or Institutional Investors?

Many firms work only with retail investors. Generally, a retail investor is an individual who is investing $5 million dollars or less. An example of a wealth management firm dealing with these types of individuals regularly would be a small wealth management group such as ABC Financial Advisor.

Second type of firm

The second type of firm only deals with institutional investors. An institutional investor is a company or individual that will be investing over $5 million dollars. An example of this type of firm that is oriented towards serving institutional investors would be a business such as a large bank like BNY Mellon Bank.

Of course, there is some crossover between which firms service which kind of clients, but a wealth management firm will typically focus on one segment of the market (i.e. retail or institutional investors).

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