5 Elements of Powerful Brand Design Process: A Step-by-Step Guide


Why is branding important?

There are many steps to take when you are figuring out how you want to structure and brand your company. There are many components to consider. Your brand identity also consists of your trademark, your visual appearance, communications as well as your name. Depending on what service you are offering your customers or clientele, your brand may also consist of the five senses.

If you have been seeking advice you’ve found the right place. On top of properly branding your brand, business, and your company you have to consider your means of communicating and engaging with your future prospects as well as the general public. This list is to help you along your journey.

1. Branding Strategy

The first thing you want to do is structure your branding strategy. This is one step above your overall identity. Although the two actually work hand in hand with each other it is more important to have your plan fully structured outlines and detailed plan to follow. This is how you figure out your focal points and this is also the area that helps you align your communication highlights as well as any barriers.

Your strategy outlines everything that you planning on achieving. So, basically this exact strategy will lay out everything that you are striving to complete and exactly how you are going about achieving everything.

2. Adding Elements

There is so much more work to put into a brand other than the basics. The basics consist of a logo, templates and color palettes. Ensure that every product or tool that is associated with your brand is in alignment with your website and packaging. Keep track of the fonts, videos, and patterns that you use.

3. Conducting Research

Your philosophical viewpoint should remain very critical in each phase of your research. This is very important for every area, successful completion in this area will ensure that the base foundation of your entire business is strong. The majority of your time will be focused on research way before you begin designing. Learning this language only helps further your position and knowledge in your niche. Your overall brand design is as important as your research, however, the two should also complement each other.

Your brand is also affected by the persona that your customers are engaging with. It has to resonate with your audience. Of course, your brand is yours and everything is ultimately left up to your discretion, however, you are also providing service to your audience.

Without your audience that leaves you and your brand so please consider them in your plans. Try studying and working with different audiences and targets. Working with demographic will provide more insight on the audiences that you are actually reaching and connecting with.

You should also identify your competition in order to stand out! This is not your typical spying but more of a survey. By checking out the competition you can both pick up pointers and critique anything as if it were your own business. This is for personal reference only. You want to make sure that you are offering something different than your competitors. Visibility, relevancy, and uniqueness are the key factors here.

4. Building the identity

Now it is time for you to transform. You have to take all of your text-based information and data and translate it into catchy, quirky, professional visual concepts. What’s the great thing about this? Well, you already have the information present, you have to figure out how to properly communicate each segment into visuals that your audience can resonate with. This allows you to use elements that trigger happy feelings with your audience. It is very important to understand the psychology of your audience in order to really reach them.

5. Brand Style Guide

As stated before, please keep clear, easy-to-follow guidelines with details for every single area of your brand identity. This should be completed in enough detail that it can be printed out and distributed to the team. Everything is coming together great and your team is all on one page. Designing a successful brand and identity is very time-consuming.

This surely requires tons of work, structure, and collaboration. It is important that every member is perfectly aligned. Please keep yourself, team members and partners educated, inspired and certainly equipped. Resources are key to every project regardless of size. Stay positive and keep at it.

There are many ways to go about completing every topic we’ve mentioned above. In order for your brand to succeed you are responsible for staying on top of every task. Always remain focused, determined, and consistent with your work. This guide was created with you in mind. Now you are more prepared to go out there and succeed!

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