Watch Your Business Grow With These Simple Yet Ingenious Hacks


Growth hacks are tactics employed to grow a business. The hacks discussed below help turn Marketing-qualified leads into Sales-qualified leads.

The First Steps Hack

There are a few things that need to be done before you can put your growth hacks into action. First, you will need to be sure your product is truly ready to bring to market. The most brilliant marketing plan in the world can’t make a success of an inferior product.

You will need to identify your target market. Once you know who you are trying to reach understand what it takes to move them from potential to actual customer aka the customer journey. There are three steps on the customer journey.

The first step is the consumer finding out about your business. The second is consumers comparing you to your competitors. The third step is where the consumer decides they want to do business with you.

Hacks to Collect Personal Information

You can’t tailor marketing to potential customers without the personal information of visitors to your business’ website. Sixty-seven percent of consumers will provide their contact information in exchange for receiving advertising for products that best match their needs. Using exit-intent popups can keep departing visitors on your website and prevent them from abandoning the purchasing process.

The prospect of something for nothing holds a particular allure so use prize drawings to gather visitor information. For downloadable material include a lead capture form. Lead capture forms require the providing of personal information to complete the download.

Social Media Hacks

Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) refers to a business’ target market. Sales-qualified leads (SQLs) are consumers most likely to buy a business’ product or service. Success in business is about converting mqls to sqls. One such marketing tool is social media platforms. Social media is a cost-effective way for businesses to advertise globally, generate sales, and build brand loyalty. Here are some hacks for getting the most out of social media.

A business can reach 2.20 billion potential customers on Facebook. Communities on Facebook consist of users who share common interests. Look for communities to whom your product or service is likely to be relevant.

A well-executed marketing video on YouTube can be shared by 92{2cc3c9e039a98b446024c64af0ee7999126003622bc0fe6aedd9f63974a20d6b} of viewers increasing the video’s subscribers by 400{2cc3c9e039a98b446024c64af0ee7999126003622bc0fe6aedd9f63974a20d6b}. The key is to produce a video that elicits an emotional response from viewers. Use viewer comments to tweak your videos.

Successful marketing on Instagram is all about hashtags and visual content. Visual content posted on Instagram should be of the highest quality. Put some real thought into hashtags because the right hashtag can equal followers. Some marketers have found success with Instagram Stories a 15-second long serial that utilizes photos or videos.

Transaction Processing Hacks

Consumers and businesses alike benefit from simplified transaction processing. Transaction processing software should enable the acceptance of multiple payment options. Choose transaction software that offers single and recurring payment options and posts transactions to a single receivable platform. Use transaction software that records the flow of revenue.

Another hack to consider is outsourcing transactions. Outsourcing is the hiring of another company to handle one or more of your business’ operations. Outsourcing saves money by reducing staff and eliminating the need to train employees. Having another company handle transactions creates more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Website Design Hacks

A potential customers perception of your website will form their perception of your brand. This is why the right website design is important. Social proofing is when people automatically emulate the actions of others, so be sure your website allows visitors to post their thoughts regarding your business. Include postings about awards your business has won and testimonials that prove yours is a good brand.

Information on a business website should be easy to find. Knowing how people use a business website keeps the traffic on that website flowing smoothly. Your website should be designed to take consumers from being aware of your business to becoming a buyer.

Email Hacks

Every dollar spent on email marketing generates $40 in sales. One of the objectives of email marketing is to gather all-important customer information. The exit-intent technology that was discussed earlier can also be applied to emails to keep the reader engaged.

In an email, the exit-intent should be coupled with a lead magnet. A lead magnet offers the reader something in exchange for their contact information. The lead magnet is usually a downloadable document. Additional information about a company’s product or free book in PDF form are examples of possible lead magnets.

Businesses use growth hacks to expand. Collecting consumer information should be a priority. Social media enables businesses to reach potential customers worldwide. Email marketing yields a 4,000{2cc3c9e039a98b446024c64af0ee7999126003622bc0fe6aedd9f63974a20d6b} return on investment. Companies can save money by outsourcing the handling of transactions.

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