The Benefit of Hiring Contingent Workers


If your business is keeping up with current market trends, you will no doubt be well aware of the changes in the way some companies are handling their recruitment process. In recent years, there’s been a surge in the different types of contracts and employees you can hire with more and more people working across the board. This can bring a whole host of benefits to your organization.

Who are they?

Contingent workers are those who are in self-directed employment. These include:

  • Freelancers
  • Contractors
  • Temps
  • Consultants
  • On-call Workers

The Benefits:

  • Reduced costs

Although the idea of hiring temporary workers may seem unappealing due to labor in recruitment, the money that you will save wins out. Contingent workers are responsible for their own time and pay rates. This means things like holiday pay, sick leave, and time off are no longer something that impacts you in the same way. You can even sign up for Payroll Services to take paying your workers completely out of your hands.

  • Adaptable Skills

Paul, 38, is signed up to an agency to find teaching assistant work and is also a graphic designer by trade. His work in schools feeds into the other as his soft skills lend themselves well to making connections with potential clients. The variety of work that people are picking up means that they are well equipped with handling a wide range of situations.

  • Flexibility

The world of business has always had to deal with the market fluctuating—it is one of the thrills of the work. Although previously, companies have had to keep the same workforce in place whilst these changes were happening. Now, the team can change according to market conditions with no severance packages or awkward firings insight. As both sides know the work is conditional there will be no nasty surprises.

  • Specialized work

Hiring freelancers that have spent their whole career working on a particular approach is beneficial to your team. Finding an employee who has exactly the right skill that you require may be difficult to find in the long-run, but you are more likely to come up against them when hiring on a short-term basis. Hiring someone on a full-time basis is more expensive than only hiring only when that skill is needed.

  • Delivery

Often hiring people who come in purely to do their work has a can-do attitude and can insert themselves easily into the environment to meet your expectations. Without any workplace politics, they can come in and get the job done without any hassle.

  • Global market

Even outsourcing is a possibility when it comes to the workforce today. Software development, for instance, is a very popular area to hire someone remotely, where the individuals are trained to a higher standard than your local workforce.

With all these benefits there are some things to know about how to handle the contracts of contingent workers, so it is recommended to find a service that can guide you through the process if you are new to it.

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