Information on Digital Marketing Using Google Ads


Digital marketing is a form of marketing a business’ products or services using digital technologies offered by the Internet. This includes:

  • Display advertising
  • Mobile phone apps
  • Other digital means

Channels for digital marketing on the internet can create, transmit, as well as accelerate the value of a product from the creator of these ads to a consumer terminal, using digital networks.

Google ads

Although Google Ads have lately been facing increased competition from Snapchat, Facebook, Amazon as well as other networks in the last years, it still has control over the largest portion of the digital marketing in the United States. Some have estimated that ads with Google receive more than 36 cents out of each dollar that will be spent on digital advertising or marketing in 2020.

Ads on the internet

Any business or company that advertises on the internet will not be reaching a large portion of potential customers or clients when they do not use Google Ads. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Will be in front of customers when using Google Search
  • Will be in front of customers who are using Google maps
  • Only pay for clicks to your blog or website
  • Only pay for calls to your business.

Many people will tell you that Google ads are the best value for your digital marketing budget.

Marketing budget

In digital marketing, Google Ads is only a portion of a digital marketing budget. Other parts include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing Consultation

Search engine optimization

SEO is the method that will give a company or website good placement in any search engine results. It is extremely important that your website placement in results is above that of any of your competition. It is important but still not as important as Google ads.

Google ads are still by far the best value for your advertising budget.

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