Sign PDF documents digitally without printing and scanning them


Digital signatures have become a way to get ourselves conveniently protected from signature fakes and signature frauds. With nearly each of the authorization process being carried out using our own signatures, we are bound to go for digital signatures for our own good and for the long term prospect of using a digital signature as the medium to overlook verification processes. Digital signatures have not only boosted our morale but also been a one of a kind encryption technology that uses unique certificates for each signature issued which is why we must consider getting digital signatures for ourselves.

Why do we require digital signatures?

Digital signatures are becoming the sole authorization process for authenticating electronic documents and transactions which are based on online activities. With encryption being the centre process in what we know today as digital signature encryption you would be protected from any kind of hacking or data leaking which is why you must have a digital signature of your own. Digital signatures are based on its a physical formula of handwritten signatures which are used to identify and authorize physical documents but which can also be manipulated too much extent which we do not know of. Physical signatures can be copied and used for extortion purposes by manipulating important documents. Also, physical signatures aren’t the ideal measure to authorize digital documents and electronic transactions as these signatures do not provide any sort of real-life authorization proof to the other end-user. This is why digital signatures are gaining more and more users day by day and thus companies and other businesses are processing their works based on digital signatures which are supposedly free from illegal activities such as data theft or data manipulation. Based on end to end and blockchain encryption you would be left with a major protective system which can be deemed to be unbreakable and which can provide the solution to online document verification without any hassle.

Other uses of digital signatures in our daily lives

You can get a digital signature online with some of the most renowned websites providing such services. You would have to provide a few information and then you would need to mention the due date that you want your signature to be delivered. Digital signatures can also be used to sign pdf documents which weren’t possible until such inventions. Signing PDF documents have to have the advantages that do not present themselves in the physical forms of data identification. With any physical documents you would have to print the online document and then sign it and then scan that document before sending to the end-user. These processes take time and requires patience from everyone with extra money too being comprised in the process. Thus you must get your own digital signature which will help you in signing any PDF document without having to go for all the printing and scanning processes of such.

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