How A Cork for Commercial Use Stay in Business for So Long


There is a company that is making a living on cork for commercial use. It began in 1921 and has
remained a family operated business ever since. Now, many of you might be wondering how a
business could be built on cork get big and keep going. It is the opinion of many experts that a
good business can be involved in “paper staples” and can become a success when you follow
the 10 rules of business.

10 Principals for Business

These 10 guidelines include the following:

1. Resolve what you do and what you don’t do – (a good starting place).
2. Resolve who your customers are and concentrate on them strongly.
3. Resolve what why are you different and tell everyone about it.
4. Closely manage your cash flow.
5. Manage your employees and incentivize them for success.
6. Manage customer expectations by under promising and over delivering.
7. Set goals and go after them.
8. Expose yourself by telling the market what you do and how good you are.
9. When times get rough (and they will) persevere.
10. And most of all always maintain your integrity in everything.

Good name

No matter what type of business you own are or running, following these principals will give
you a good name that people will trust. A good name in any business goes a long way to making
your success no matter what you are making or selling. That and good customer service.
Great customer service

When I was growing up, my mother would drive all the way across town to buy gas even though
there were 10 to 15 gas stations in between some with cheaper gas. I finally asked why, and she
told me it was because of the good customer service. And they were good to my mother,
always calling her by name, doing extras like washing her windows and checking the tires. As I
became an adult, I understood what good customer service means and I only go to places that
have that.

Starting in business

So, if you are just starting your own business follow the 10 principals above and provide the
best customer service you can. Your business will still be going strong 10 to 20 years from now.

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