All You Need to Know About Mintos P2P and Its Review Platforms


Peer-2-Peer money lending is the new wave in online money lending [sound investment and a convenient loan platform]. A P2P lending platform consists of a series of hosts who invest money with the expectation of a return on investment. These funds are collected by the aggregator and then distributed to potential loan seekers with an interest rate. The profiles for this interest are shared between the investor and the aggregator. One of the most trusted aggregators is the Mintos P2P platform known as Crowd Reality. When you consider investments and hassle-free lending, this is the leading platform in the world.

Since the start, they have been at the top of the charts when it comes to P2P lending.  Their glitch-free platform and up-to-date features have made them the go-to choice for all peer-2-peer lending. The platform prides itself on having top of the line attribute that helps you navigate easily, without getting lost in the labyrinth of investment jargon. Mintos in the last two years has become the largest aggregator of users and investors making them the most trusted service yet.

Their unique features let users make big investments without having to worry about market values, stock prices, or international trade. The Mintos review 2019 has been phenomenal giving a guarantees average return to users of 12{8425beff49249f921e7a852ead68a4d6c9538cb2e8197c348a082fbb58f93b12} per annum. The platform has also helped many loan seekers with both consumer and business loans. Their Trustpilot rating of 4.5 is proof that this is a good choice for investors and those who seek a loan.

Mintos P2P is currently serving over 170,000 registered investors who are spread over 68 different countries. They entered the market only in 2015, yet made their way to the top in no time. This lending platform has enabled more than 3.5B euros of loans, making it hard to beat. They allow you to pick a loan in your own currency and give you the option of a buyback guarantee. Their online platform is also secured by the many premium safety features that assure your investment is in competent hands.

By going through the many Mintos review, one can be reassured that P2P lending has born fruits for many across the globe. Even for an investor, they offer multiple filters to help you find the most suitable loan. They can select the loan they wish to invest in manually or use the “auto-invest” tool and lets the experts make the right call.

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