For those of you who write with your left hand only: some pointers


This article addresses and disproves the common belief that left-handed persons cannot write legibly using fountain pens. To help you choose the finest pen for your needs, we also give you some of the top pen suggestions for left-handed writers and demonstrate some of the best pens now available for left-handers.

Do people often use their left hand while writing with a fountain pen?

Some individuals attempt to discourage others from using fountain pens because they believe those who write with their non-dominant hand would smudge the ink. It may be frustrating for left-handed writers to use fountain pens since the ink constantly appears to flow in the other direction. It’s not so much that you’re left-handed as it is that your writing technique causes ink to bleed over your hand and the page. Here are the best pens for lefties.

Problems that arise when you try to write with a fountain pen using your non-dominant hand

Using a fountain pen meant for your right hand might create ink spreading, making left-handed writing more challenging. As most languages, including English, are written from left to right, people who write with their left hand and use fountain pens need to be especially careful not to smear the wet ink. In addition, unlike ballpoint ink, the liquid ink used in fountain pens takes far longer to dry.

Every writer, right- or left-handed, may benefit from the modern fountain pen. Nowadays, most fountain pens can be used with either hand, so left-handed writers won’t have any trouble keeping up.

Most modern fountain pens come with a sturdy nib, which may be reassuring for left-handed writers. There are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for a left-handed fountain pen.

What are the differences between using a standard nib and a left-handed nib?

The most obvious difference between a conventional nib and a reverse nib is the direction in which the nib is cut. Both right and left-handed writers may get the same results by simply swapping fountain pen nibs without paying attention to their technique. That’s because you can switch out the nibs whenever you choose. There are several obstacles to writing with your left hand, but with enough practise, you can get through them and enjoy the satisfaction of using a fountain pen.

Helpful hints for left-handed writers

There is a comfortable paper holder on your left while you sit here reading. This will allow you to check your work as you go along and ensure accuracy. Now that the paper is at an angle, you may turn it over so that your arm is parallel to the page’s bottom border. You could feel anxious about this at first, but remember that it will help you out in the long run.

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