Business Marketing Essentials – Sales Force Management


Sales management is one of the most important operations performed by a business organization. Salesforce of a company is the link between the company and its customers. In a commercial company, a large part of the employees are engaged in sales operations, and often these salespersons work at away from the direct supervision of their managers. Managing the sales representatives is, therefore, a delicate but crucial task which must be carried out smoothly in order to reach or even surpass the sales target of a business firm.

Sales Management Techniques

Every successful marketing strategy has a top-notch sales management system as its secret. The first step is to create a proper sales force structure and then set territories and goals for it. This will help a firm achieve its sales targets and also lead to customer satisfaction.

There are five main parts of an efficient sales force management system:

Recruitment –

Behavioral and management skills of the applicants must be thoroughly examined in the selection process so that the company consists of high caliber professionals. Another effective method is to conduct the selection procedure on the basis of a survey which brings out what kind of characteristics customers seek in a sales representative.

Training –

It is highly essential to train the salespeople not only prior to entering the market but also at different stages of the sale of the product. Proper training of the sales force enables a firm to thrive in a competitive market.

Supervision –

Salespersons dealing with potential customers should be kept under general supervision while supervision on time management must be maintained on salespeople handling the preparation of client calls to the closing of deals.

Motivation –

Motivational techniques such as compensation (based on sales quota), family outings, and social gatherings are very important to boost morale and provide incentives to the sales force.

Evaluation –

Analysis and evaluation of sales reports are essential for judging the performance of the firm and the efficiency of the sales force.

In addition to these, the art of negotiating and customer relationship marketing are other significant aspects of a successful sales force management system which are beneficial in the long run.

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