Business Insurance for Professional Indemnity


Working with wires and cables for a living can be highly risky when you do not have proper information about it. The danger with it is so high that it can cause you serious injuries as well as death! There are many cases around the year where a number of people die because of electric shock. One may have a question that do electricians need professional indemnity insurance but knowing the risk involved will clear it. Thus, if a person is performing any electric work, he must know everything about the safety measures which are stated below:

1. Maintain Electric Tools:

Electric tools are designed and made such that they have insulators at the end from where the user is supposed to hold it. They play an important role in safety as they do not let the current pass through it. But after some time and rough and tough use of those tools, those insulations get worn off. Thus, this may lead to an increase in the risk of getting a high voltage shock. This is very harmful and dangerous for your body. Therefore, every electrician must get their tools replaced by the new ones in a regular time period.

2. Ladder:

The ladder which you are going to use for repairing an appliance or to look at the wirings should be reliable. One must not climb up a ladder that has been broken for a long time. If the ladder breaks, you may get some serious injuries that will keep you in bed for a long time. Also, there is danger about the wires which you are dealing with if the ladder is not still. Moreover, if possible, you should always prefer a wooden or a plastic ladder instead of metal ladders. It will prevent you from electric shock.

3. Procedure:

If you are new at this work, then you should avoid being on the field. Initially, you should get trained under some well-experienced electrician who will teach you everything related to the work. If you start doing the work with just some amount of information, there are high chances you may get an electric shock. Also, if you do not know how to work properly, then you may also worsen a nonworking appliance that could disturb the wiring too. Therefore, if you want to start your work in the field, then you should consider referring to an expert to learn about the same.

4. Don’t Touch Electrocuted:

If you are assisting someone with the electric work and they are electrocuted, by impulse you may go there and help them with your hands. But if you do so, both of you will be in an electric shock and in trouble. Thus, rather than helping them with the naked hands, you must do so by breaking the contact with wire using some insulator like wood or plastic. You should also consider turning off the switches before helping the person to save the conditions to go worse.

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