Let Us Understand How Beneficial Automated Storage Systems Are Today


For so many automotive dealerships, the parts and service department comes out as being a way to earn a good amount of income. They also strive hard continuously, to come out with innovative ways to improve and provide better services. As per the research was done by NADA, it was revealed that at least 60 percent of the profit does come from the service and parts section. This is why we understand why they work hard to improve this area, time and again.

There are as we know tons of storage systems and facilities available. A few of them includes racking or static shelving, shelving which is high in density and also automated ones. Then there are retrieval systems too. These days the usage of mobile storage is getting highly efficient and common too. These tend to be highly productive in nature. In recent times, the auto industry is getting all the support out of such automotive parts storage systems.

Let us know more about automotive parts storage systems and how it is useful for us:

Notably, increase the level of productivity

Usually, customers will notice that there has been a rise in the level of efficiency by 200 to 400 percent.

A huge amount of space gets saved

The good thing about auto storage systems is that the floor space, on the whole, gets drastically reduced by 70 to 90 percent. Yes, you got that right! This clearly indicates that the same auto parts which you would store before cannot be stored on a footprint 10 to 15 percent of the previous space.

Profit rises incredibly

The investment here comes linked with a better ROI. This happens because the level of productivity and efficiency has risen drastically. Plus, so much space you see gets saved. This is why gradually the trading results start to perk up much better.

Now picking up orders will have less or practically no errors

With highly customized light strips, laser points, and innovative guidelines, the operator gets to the right place without wastage of any time. This way they tend to reach and pick the right set of goods. This also happens with the help of proper scanning system taking place simultaneously. Hence the rate of error tends to fall down considerably. This way you tend to produce huge annual savings. At the same time, the reputation of your company before the customers tends to gain high regards.

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