Top 3 Online Marketplaces to Sell Your Products in 2019


In today’s digital age, eCommerce sites or online marketplaces have become highly significant for sales and purchases of various commodities. If you have a business which sells any kind of product, it is high time that you consider selling them online to reach more customers. If you do not have the means or desire to set up an online eCommerce website of your own, you can easily sell your products on the web via existing online marketplaces that already possess the audience which you need to target.

1. Amazon

Amazon is the number one eCommerce online platform in the world. If you are a beginner at selling your products online on Amazon, you can make use of Amazon virtual assistant. With over 310 million active users and more than 2.6 billion page views per month, Amazon easily tops the list of online marketplaces to sell your products in 2019. However, since it is a large website with a multitude of sellers, the competition is fierce, hence new sellers are advised to hire an Amazon virtual assistant for better sales. The seller fees you need to pay to Amazon (if you sell something on Amazon) varies from 6 to 20{2cc3c9e039a98b446024c64af0ee7999126003622bc0fe6aedd9f63974a20d6b} of the value of the item up for sale. The membership fee for professional account sellers on Amazon is $39.99 per month while individual sellers are charged $0.99 per item (no additional monthly charge).

2. eBay

This is another global eCommerce giant based in America. It was founded in 1995 and has grown into one of the most popular eCommerce websites for general products. Some of the perks of eBay include – there is no seller membership fee, and also free business consultation is offered by eBay (which is great for new sellers starting out), among many others. This online marketplace has over 175 million active users and gets approximately 1.2 billion page views every month. With regard to seller fees, eBay takes around 10 to 12{2cc3c9e039a98b446024c64af0ee7999126003622bc0fe6aedd9f63974a20d6b} of the item value which the retailer sells on eBay on a fixed-price sale or through an auction.

3. Walmart

With more than 363 million active users, and around 344 million page views per month, Walmart is one of the top eCommerce websites today. Earlier it only accepted US-based sellers, but in recent times it has begun expanding globally and has increased its reach to a great extent. The seller fee includes a commission which varies from 8 to 12{2cc3c9e039a98b446024c64af0ee7999126003622bc0fe6aedd9f63974a20d6b} of the item value, and there is usually no membership fee as such, also listing items is free.

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