Accounting services - Effective Method to be Familiar with Regulatory Requirements

Accounting services – Effective Method to be Familiar with Regulatory Requirements


Accounting plays an important part in the business. This helps businesses to consider their financial conditions and meet the regulatory requirements. Yet accounting can be time-consuming and costly for smaller companies. For one, employees that need to be employed to conduct accounting and having such employees on payroll may put significant strain on the finances of the company. Companies today may also recommend outsourcing their accounting services to a professional accounting company.

The Singapore Companies Act allows all Singapore-based businesses to hold correct accounting books. It can be very difficult to follow the related rules and procedures for these accounts so that many Singaporean companies opt to employ an accounting expert to assist with the following things:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • GST registration.

Many accounting services in Singapore are outsourced for convenience solely to specialist firms. And it can assist a particular organization in various ways like:

  • A lot of businesses keep records of the business financial transactions on paper.
  • It can also make the client risk higher if documents are lost in unusual circumstances or badly affected.
  • They may make use of accounting software provided by various reputed accounting firms in Singapore to get rid of the situation.

Accounting practices in Singapore are known as Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS), which are based on IFRS. Accrual-based accounting is one of the principal accounts principles in Singapore. Financial statements are drawn up on an accrual accounting basis. On this basis, the results of transactions and other activities are registered when they occur and are documented in the accounting reports and published in the financial statements of the periods they refer to. According to financial statements prepared on an accrual basis, consumers are aware not only of past transactions involving payment and receipt of cash but also of potential cash payment obligations and potential cash resources.

The Singapore Accounting Services and principles are becoming more complicated in an ever-changing and challenging environment. That makes it harder and harder for small businesses to feel sure they comply. This was hard for small and medium-sized organizations to conform to the full SFRS because they considered the standards to be a strain on their precious little money. SMEs represent, as in many other countries, the majority of the companies operating in Singapore.

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