Where to Look for a Step and Repeat Banner


What is a “step and repeat” banner? It is also referred to as a press wall. This is a background that is used for publicity and is mainly used for photography at an event. They are printed with patterns that are repeated such as brand logos or emblems that are detectable in any photos of a person standing in front of it.

Custom banners

These banners feature things such as:

  • Movie title
  • Studio
  • Event sponsor
  • Event names and logos

They are repeated in a uniform pattern and is an ideal background for interviews or photo-ops especially in red carpet arrivals in Hollywood, media events, or corporate event. There are websites on the internet where you can have custom step and repeat banner designed.


There is one such company that has their banners made in Los Angeles. They feature “step and repeat banners” that are usually eight feet tall – also having a ten feet tall preference for events that are really special. They offer numerous material options to accommodate different budgets as well as time frames. Some material that these banners are printed on requires other items such as:

  • Appropriate lighting
  • Stand
  • Frames


These banners can be printed on various materials such as:

  • Stretch fabric that are dye sublimation, wrinkle-free, washable
  • 5 thick board panels UV printed as well as reusable
  • Vinyl that is high quality for indoor or outdoor, waterproof
  • Lightweight travel banners which are reusable, easy to assemble

Printing options

There are several options for printing including:

  • Black and white or full color
  • Embossed designs & logos that are 3D – black & white or color

Other services

These companies on the internet also provide some of the following services:

  • Delivery to your location
  • Installation by professionals – including set-up and break down
  • Lighting kits especially to be used with Step and Repeat banners
  • Layout design
  • Shipping for lightweight frames and print
  • Also available are rush orders

If this is something you need, just check on the internet.

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