Where To Find Your Translation Company For Your Business


How to start your search for your business translations provider?

You want to start your business translations search with a company that has proven experience in various aspects of a business. This includes corporate communication, legal policies, marketing materials, design work, and the ability to handle multiple languages. In addition, they should have a quality process in place. At NLC, we have implemented our NLC Quality Control Process for all of our clients’ projects. This includes steps for translation, edition, and proofreading. For projects involving design work, we have steps for desktop publishing and desktop publishing review. These final steps are the icing on the cake in delivering print-ready files for your team.

Do you handle large volumes of corporate materials?

We have the capability to handle large volumes in short periods of time in over 100 languages. Clients often come to us in search of business translations for their employee handbooks. We have translated short employee handbooks of about 25 pages, and have worked with clients that have employee handbooks in the 100-200 page range. Our team specializes in conveying your corporate message and tone in the target language. Employee handbooks contain legal, business, and even technical language. For this reason, we have a quality control process lead by our senior translators overseeing and working on adapting to each project and conducting the necessary research to deliver quality translations.

How can I be sure my business translations are accurate?

We stand by our translations and welcome any feedback our clients may have. Our certification letter can accompany our completed translations which attest to the accuracy of our deliverables. This is helpful when members of a human resources department need it on file to be compliant with certain guidelines on their end. Clients also have native speakers within their company read over the materials, or if they have an international office, they may share it with them to get their feedback. The translation is an art and there is a difference between conversational, business, legal, and professional translations. A client may have a preferential change which means that what we delivered is not wrong, but within their company, they are familiar with translating a word a certain way. Of course, we make any changes that a client recommends if they are valid changes.

Remember to choose a translation company that you can collaborate with and not focus solely on price. Cheaper or more expensive is not always better. You want someone that you can trust, is available when you reach out, provides professional quality, and cares about their clients. At NLC Translations, you will find our team members carry all of these sought after traits.

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