What to Buy the Teenage Gamer on Your Christmas List


When you and Santa are preparing your Christmas list and you are not sure what to get the teenagers on your list, if they play a lot of computer games –give them an Xbox gift card to use on windows, Xbox or even Microsoft. You will receive digital code by email that your teenager will be able to use to buy some new games, map packs, add-ons or something more. Xbox gift card makes really great gifts especially with Christmas only months away.

Great for teens

This is really a great gift and these cards are available in various denominations. Another advantage is they are great stocking stuffers especially from grandparents who are never quite sure what to get grandchildren when they reach their teen years. An Xbox live gift card is the perfect gift for those that you are not sure what to buy for a birthday as well as Christmas.

Gift cards

These gift cards are guaranteed to below price cards online. Some of these online stores will match any lower price from any other reputable competitor website. Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, and other sites have prices that are dictated by individual sellers and not standard reseller pricing. So, before you buy these cards you should do some research to see where the best prices are. You can also buy them from Microsoft.

Good advice

The best advice especially if you are going to be buying a lot of them – find a site that you like and who you can get loyalty reward points with your account. You will get reward points when you make any purchases together with everyday discounts and special promotions. With some, you can even earn double, triple, quadruple or more bonus points when you reach a certain volume monthly.

Christmas might cost less

This can make your gift lists for Christmas cost you much less leftover enough to treat yourself and your spouse to something nice to pamper the both of you.

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