What Makes Your Blog Writing Successful For Jewelry Business Promotion?


Blog is an easy and economical way to market your pearl jewelry business. If you do it right then it has the potential to attract traffic towards your website, establish niche authority, help reach new market segments and increase sales.

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Write for customers

A blog is just like your jewelry website – not created for you. It is for your buyers, so write everything from their perspective. Basically, the main aim has to be resolving their issues or offer fresh insights within your niche.

Plan your content topic list in advance

The possibility that a lack of ideas and time can make your delay in writing great content. Small businesses can lack time but with little planning, you can create a list of ideal topics to keep you inspired way ahead.

Posts can be solutions to frequently asked questions like how to choose a quality grade akoya pearls? What is the difference between real and fake pearls? Look for keyword terms people search for regarding your pearl jewelry business.

Create valuable content

Give readers valuable content and establish your jewelry website’s authority. Valuable content can keep readers engaged. They even share such valued contents on social media. Write on topics that fulfills customer’s needs, thus increases sales.


Plan a frequency of publishing new content at your convenience. Weekly or fortnightly is great. The main thing is consistency. Search engines admire more frequency and fresh content on blogs. It helps to increase your search engine rankings as well as increase exposure.

Develop a blogging style

Blogs reflect your company’s voice. Offer some personality to your blog. Avoid the sales pitch.

Word count

The blog post has to be around 400 words and if you make it lengthy then serialize it.


Even if your blog does not gain any comments, it does not mean there are no readers. You also visit plenty of blogs to read, do you leave a comment on every one. Several readers don’t! There will be comments as reader-base builds up.

Make shareable blog

Use share icons, so that readers can share your content they liked with their friends. This can ultimately drive traffic and even sales.

Measure blog performance

Keeping track of your popular posts allows you to get an idea of what kind of content readers like.

An effective pearl jewelry blog can promote your business!

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