The must-have Features in a Church Management Software


A church is a difficult group to manage if not done correctly. Apart from physical management, the church family also has an emotional connection with the rest of the community. The information must reach every member of the group to ensure a sense of community. With advancements in information technology, it has become easier for both small and large establishments to use church management software. This allows them to effectively nurture the needs of the church. All the best software is easy to use and easy to learn. If you are looking to run your church like a well-oiled machine, then here are some of the key featured to look for in management software.

1. SMS and Email Alerts

Since tech has taken over all our lives, this is the most effective way to reach the masses. By using such software the church should be able to send out an email or an SMS blast to all the people on the network. Good software will also allow the church to filter into multiple databases so not all members of the church are spammed with irrelevant information. Such church management software can be used to send out weekly and monthly newsletters or even update about charity drives and volunteer needs.

2. Manage Contribution

When it comes to contributions to faith, it’s important to keep an excellent record of all the donations and offerings. This helps the church effectively plan it’s utilization without it ever getting miscalculated.  This also will give the church the freedom to keep a whole account and print out statements that can be given to donors. Some church management software even allows integration of a payment gateway in the form of a Kiosk, website or mobile application. This will give the donors easier access and encourage higher contributions.

3. Service Planning

The best services are those that go seamlessly without a hiccup. When you make this possible it also encourages the members of the church to be more proactive in the efforts of the church. Well-built church management software can help you plan the service to the key. This means making a list of the speakers, the music for the service and plans the list of volunteers. The volunteer signup is primary. The software should accept and make a list of the members without the need for making calls or sending out physical forms.

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