The Importance of Webinars


In the world of finance, there are many options for career choices. But one field that is both challenging as well as highly rewarding for those who choose to pursue a career is tax services.

How this service works

This is when your clients come in with a wad of:

  • Budgets
  • Receipts
  • Often balance sheets
  • Other data collected thru the year

Working in this field, you work through all of the details that are linked with this data and arrive at some understanding of the client’s current situation such as:

  • What they owe
  • What to expect in refunds?

Continuing education

To learn what needs to be done in this career option, it is important to attend Tax Webinars. This maximizes your resources in order to increase the value of your clients. There is usually one each year that is important to attend. It is considered part of your continuing education and you can earn up to 8 hours of CPE Credit for both federal, state, and other taxes. You also learn more about Federal Ethics.

Items learned

Items learned to include:

  • Collective activities during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Honesty and compliance services to help keep your data from being breached.
  • Using of e-services to improve relationships with clients.
  • Practical guidance for common questions concerning ethics.
  • IRS operations updates.
  • IRS hot topics.
  • Vital state tax highlights from Franchise tax boards.
  • Anything else to make your services more valuable to your clients.


As you can clearly see, these webinars are important to keep your value to clients up-to-date and making you better at the career options you are working at. It will keep your clients coming to you and bring you even more clients in the long run. It is important to know all you can about the tax field you are working in.

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