Residential vs. Commercial cleaning services


Building-cleaning services are sought-after in all metros and busy towns. A Singapore based commercial cleaning service may feature both residential and commercial services. Sometimes, they may specialize only in commercial cleaning. Differences between residential and commercial cleaning are vast. Each focuses on different aspects of cleaning. By taking the time to research and evaluate your needs, you can get the perfect cleaning services for you. For commercial buildings, cleaning is part of everyday business and its essentials. In the case of residential properties, professional cleaning is mostly considered luxury. Let’s look into more aspects of the Residential vs. Commercial cleaning debate.

Residential vs. Commercial cleaning services

Differences between residential and commercial cleaning involve various elements. There is a change of professionals, equipment, insurances, guarantees, schedules and more. Commercial spaces are mostly fast-paced environment. The scheduling part with commercial spaces is the trickiest of all. Your cleaning company needs to keep track of the speed. They need to come up with tighter schedules. Moreover, the equipment needs to be able to tackle demanding tasks. The team needs to ensure the business remains operational, sanitary and maintained. Business can’t move without ensuring the space is totally clean and hygienic.

The difference in the type of cleaning equipment

We can demonstrate the requirement for different equipment by explaining the differences in vacuum machines. Even, they are branded differently with varied appearances and packaging. Residential vacuums are given attractive looks. The commercial unit has an industrial look and is all business. It suits being more in the hospital or school than at home. Interestingly, residential vacuum cleaners come with more tools. It is for dusting and specialty cleaning. Commercial unit, on the other hand, has just the basic tools, thereby ensuring it’s superbly effective. Any tool can be assed to the commercial unit if required.

The difference in specifications (based on requirements)

Commercial cleaners usually clean larger families than homes. Thus the commercial vacuum cleaner has a longer cord. The residential vacuum has a cord length of fewer than 40 feet. The commercial vacuum cord is three prongs and is grounded for safety. Unless you developed an obsession for vacuuming, you won’t need a residential vacuum cleaner to run for more than an hour per week. In an average hotel, they vacuum for more than 15 hours a week. Hence commercial vacuum comes with longer runtime and shorter warranty. They are usually easy maintenance, which helps the heavy workloads.

Who are we?

Our Feesiko eco-cleaning services keep the environment clean. We have different programs that fit each customer’s unique budget. We hire only the best and our workflow meets your needs. We employ them after thorough background checks and e-verification systems. Thanks to the adoption of technology, commercial cleaning services in Singapore by Feesiko can address customer challenges and get the job done. Ultimately, we believe in people – people we pay and the people we serve. Our staff addresses the challenges and thinks better on their feet. Every tiny part of our organization becomes vibrant this way. To meet your specific cleaning needs, we tailor a program that goes within your budget.

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