Invest and Earn Dividends on Your Cryptocurrencies


Welcome to the very first world-wide decentralized community support fund on TRON blockchain. TRX-In-Bank automatically runs on the “blockchain” and its contract is then uploaded to the “TRON blockchain”. This allows you to handle any of your cryptocurrencies. There is no one able to delete or edit the “smart contract” or change any of the operations that are self-sufficient. You can earn dividends that are automatically paid also through the “smart contract”.

Connect to desktop

Located at with a telegram link at you can install TronPay or TronLink extensions on to Chrome to run on your desk or laptop. After installing, you are able to establish a completely new TRX wallet or import an already existing TRX wallet – then relocate the TRX from the exchange to your wallet. You finally login on TronPay or TronLink in order to browse the website as well as invest.


You can download an app from the application store to run on your mobile phone. These include:

  • TokenPocket
  • Tronlink Pro
  • TronWallet
  • DappBirds

After installing, you establish a completely new TRX wallet or import the existing TRX wallet, transfer the TRX from exchange to the wallet. By having the wallet app, you can browse the website with your phone and go to invest or withdraw.

Dividends generated

TRX-In-Bank “smart contract” can generate 6 percent to 14.5 percent dividends each day based on investments as well as the distribution of your dividends to your balance. An example is if you invest using the 6{8425beff49249f921e7a852ead68a4d6c9538cb2e8197c348a082fbb58f93b12} plan, you will get over 210{8425beff49249f921e7a852ead68a4d6c9538cb2e8197c348a082fbb58f93b12} of your very first deposit in only 35 days. These dividends are generated each second and you are able to withdraw or reinvest dividends each second. If you reinvest, the total investment increases and you get more dividends.

Referral program

TRX-In-Bank “smart contract” sets up 4 tiers of rewards for any referrals and includes:

  • 5 percent
  • 3 percent
  • 1 percent
  • 1 percent

The invitee also can as well get 0.5{8425beff49249f921e7a852ead68a4d6c9538cb2e8197c348a082fbb58f93b12} of their investment as a reward. The referral rewards program distributes to your balance and you are able to withdraw at any time.

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