Guide about Setting up Your Own HR Department


Human Resources department takes the responsibility of hiring new employees by evaluating the needs of the employer and the employee. Joining an existing HR department is different from setting up one from scratch. Starting one from scratch can give you the necessary tasks to prove your leadership. For this reason, you can lean on HR for growth and development.

Steps to start an HR department

The following are the steps that that can be followed if you want to set up a strong HR department.

Set up the priorities:

The first step of setting up could be identifying the priorities of the new department. Your manager or supervisor can guide you on the goals of the HR department and their working areas.

Write the job specifications and descriptions:

In order to create a team for the HR department, you must have an onboarding process where each team member needs to be hired according to each job specification. You should hire someone with experience so that they can handle all the duties given.

Learn the concerns of other departments:

You can meet with the heads of other departments to understand their priorities and requirements. HR departments must serve all the other departments. For example, if the marketing team needs a social media expert so that they can grow the digital marketing team, then you must find the perfect fit for them.

Put together an HR plan:

An HR plan defining the responsibility and purpose of the department can guide you and your employees. Be realistic in your goals for the first few months of the new department.

Build alliances:

You can then start to build alliances amongst the employees of your department, as well as the other departments. An alliance means a positive office environment where the newly formed department can keep growing with the support of other departments.


The steps above are the most important elements to take care of when setting up a new HR department. You need to understand your department as well as the others and make them work hand in hand.

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