Everything You Need To Know About Bearings

Everything You Need To Know About Bearings


A machine element through which the relative motion can be constrained to desired motion is known as the bearing. RSR bearings (ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide RSR, which is the term in Thai) are an excellent means of lessening the friction between the moving parts. Numerous machines are available where bearings are used, such as electric generators, airplanes, automobiles, etc. Apart from these, bearings are also incorporated in home appliances, for example, rotors, wheels, gears, and turbines.

What Are The Roles Of Bearings?

Some of the many roles of bearings are mentioned below and discussed thoroughly;-

For Reduced Friction and Smooth Rotation:

Inevitably, there will be some friction between the shaft and the supporting parts of the rotation. Using bearings between these two components will significantly help reduce the conflict resulting in a smooth and seamless rotation.

Shielding the Supporting Parts of Rotation:

Since considerable force is applied between the rotation shaft and the supporting part of the rotation, bearings act as a shield to the latter. It also helps in balancing the rotation shaft at a specific position.

What Are The Types Of Bearings?

Although there is a wide variety when it comes to the type of bearings, selective of them are mentioned below:

● Fluid Bearings

These are termed to be one of the revolutionary types and have now replaced metal bearings. Compared to the rest of the metal bearings, these come with less vibration and less noisy operation. When the two elements in the bearing come in contact with the fluid, it helps in reducing friction. Because of the fluid pressure, the two aspects don’t come to a close connection.

● Ball Bearings

The ball bearings are named so because they are composed of small metal balls. These balls are between two of the metal rings commonly known as Races. These balls are kept in a specific position using an assembly known as a cage. Out of these two, the inner balls and races can rotate, whereas the outer balls and races are fixed in a position and do not rotate.

● Plain Bearings

Plain bearings are one of the simplest types of all bearings. These are composed of a bearing surface and have no rolling elements. Here, the shaft usually rotates inside the bearing hole. Besides this, it offers a sliding friction service that is much more grated than simple rolling friction.


Almost all industries incorporate bearings in their manufacturing process. Considering a few factors while finalizing bearings, such as their temperature, bearing friction, material, race, and lubrication, is essential. This is because the overall construction, design, and functionality of the bearings significantly impact the performance. Thus, these are all the information that is there to know about bearings.

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