Top Three Steps to Earn Money by Sharing Links Online On Social Media


Earning real money through sharing links in the online World is a budding trend nowadays. You must hear about affiliate marketing, which is a type of marketing strategy popularly used to save advertisement costs. What happens in affiliate marketing is that big brand’s tie-up with entrepreneurs and social influencers. They promote the products of the brand, and in return, they receive a commission once the product sees an astounding growth.

● Create An Account First

This whole process of affiliate marketing is again both for the company and for the entrepreneurs. But before you can start earning real money, this is the first step that you will need to do. You need to make an account in any short link website that is famous. You can Google to know about which Websites are going to be good. Select the ones that appeal to you. Making accounts in more than one such Websites is always a good choice. Creating an account is free on most of the Websites.

● Seek For The Most Famous Content

After you select a Website and make your account in it, this is the next step that you need to figure out. You will need some topics on which your friends and families have a strong interest. The topic will not have any particular genre so that you can choose Dating, Entertainment, and Sports. Now you need to go to your favorite news websites that relate to the topics. After doing that, go to the page, copy the address of the webpage. You can either do it manually or click on the ‘Copy link’ option to get it directly.

● Do The Final Job To Start Earning By Sharing Links Online

Finally, this is the last step that you need to do before you start to earn money online. After you copy the website’s address, go to your Social Media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Log in and start writing a new post. You need to write a few lines about the topic that you chose and on the website too. Now paste the link down below your writing. Do remember to share the shortened link that you got from the short link website.

Earning some real bucks by Sharing Links Online is one of the things that you can do even sitting at your home. These websites pay you based on the clicks that the shared product gets.

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