Points to Keep in Mind While Designing Patch for Fire Department


It is universally accepted that patch is of great value in building the goodwill of any institution. Similarly, for your fire department patch will be the face help in building trust among people. This could be achieved only when the patch is designed well.

There are several factors that need to be considered while designing the patch as this should reflect the identity, purpose, and mission of your fire department. A good designer will try his best to make your idea a reality. Here are some of the points for you to consider while Fire Department Patch Design.

  • The Connect

You have to find the connecting link between you and your people. The connecting links could be historical, geographical or emotional. These factors should have better direct or indirect acceptance among people.

  • Suitability

Your patch should reflect your identity. There should be textual and symbolic suitability with your fire department mission and purpose. The patch should have a very strong perceptual correlation with a popular theme.

  • Typography

The designer should use suitable font keeping safety and protection theme in mind. It should have greater spacing and visibility factor. The font style and size should be in alignment with the required size of the patch.

  • Color

The color selection should be in sync with the department’s color theme. The combination of colors should be used smartly to have greater visibility. Your color selection should be aligned with your identity. In the vase of fire fighting the color should match the theme of safety and protection.

  • Simplicity

Above all, it should be simple enough to reflect the identity with maximum visibility. The rule is ‘simple thing has the highest acceptability’. One should avoid multiple layering of symbolic themes and focus more on simple positioning of symbols for better visibility and connect.

The patch design has the limitations of size, shape, and visibility. The patch with overloaded text and symbolic visual elements might look good but not help in building the required connection with the people.

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