Covers that Make Your Guests Maintain Social Distance


‘Social distancing’ is a term that has become common for the COVID-19 pandemic. As the virus hit the world and we were forced within the four walls, we had to maintain quite a few things to keep ourselves and others safe from the virus. Along with mask and sanitizer, social distancing became a part of our life. The ‘social animal’ human beings became socially distanced due to the outbreak. A worldwide crisis ravaged most of the countries due to a long lock-down. But nothing can confine us behind the gates as earning bread and butter became a tough job for many. As we learnt to cope with the situation, the restrictions started to ease up.

Crowd and the problem

But COVID-19 isn’t over still. Opening doors to concerts, theatres, conventions and sports event has put people at the risk of exposure all over again. It is important for the organizers to arrange for proper social distancing to keep the guests safe from exposure to the virus. Just putting a tag on certain seats announcing those to be unavailable might not be enough. But the problem can be solved with Seating Master USA’s social distancing seat covers. The seat covers are made to address the safety regulations.

Fast and efficient

One might think that putting a seat cover over every other seat is a task. But the covers are designed in a way that the job is done quickly. Each side of the covers has two elastic bands with the help of which the covers fit easily on basically any seat. When the covers are put on the seats, you can easily make them unavailable to the guests. Spacing out the covers according to plan will definitely help the organizers to manage the crowd during a concert or sports event. These are also available in variety of colors making these suitable for different events.

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