Are You Aware of Different Options For Mortgage Loans?


Buying a home can always be an exciting experience, but when you consider the moneraey side of the deal then it can always be quite overwhelming. Selecting from the different mortgage loans will be quite painful in case you are not familiar with various financial terms.

For each and every type of mortgage that we will briefly discuss in the subsequent paragraphs, you will find certain advantages for you. However, all may not suit you well unless you pick the right one for you.

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1. Conventional mortgages

In case of the conventional mortgage, there is no insurance involved by the US federal government. Two types of such conventional loans are available:

  • Conforming
  • Non-conforming loans.

2. Jumbo mortgages

This is a non-conforming type of conventional mortgage that may have certain loan limits. This would mean that home prices may exceed federal loan limits.

3. Government-insured mortgages

Three government agencies as follows that will back mortgages:

  • Federal Housing Administration
  • S. Department of Agriculture
  • S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

4. Fixed-rate mortgages

In this type of mortgage, the same rate of interest will continue as long as your loan will continue, which means the monthly installment will always remain the same.

5. Adjustable-rate mortgages

Adjustable-rate mortgages will have a fluctuating rate of interest that may go high or low with market conditions.

6. FHA mortgage

FHA mortgage is insured by the FHA and backed by the US government and meant for helping borrowers having a modest income.

7. VA mortgage

Other mortgages are supported by the Veterans Affairs Department and available only to members of military service and veterans.

8. USDA mortgage

This type of mortgage is also backed by the US Agriculture Department for those who live in rural areas.

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