How To Use Drag And Drop On iPad?

The Drag and Drop was introduced as one of the most significant additions in iOS 11 for iPad. The drag and drop is almost similar what it sounds like: an item can be selected like the text you’ve chosen, a photo, or another kind of file, and they can be dragged from their original location to another. You are likely to find it somewhere in your current app, but drag and drop can really reach its full potential when used with Slide Over and Split View multitasking on the iPad. By using it in this way, things can be done more productively like moving a file from one cloud storage service to another, copying text from Safari into a text editing app to add a quote, or creating a backup for some particular pictures in a file storage app. Thus, you can even move multiple files using Drag and Drop functionality on your iPad. This feature has been integrated throughout iOS. It can be used at the following places such as Reminders, Calendar, Home screen, Dock, Files, Safari, Messages, Spotlight, Contacts, iBooks, Photos, Maps, News, Notes, Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. This drag and drop feature can help your iPad become a more productivity powerhouse. And in this article, you will learn how to use it and take your iPad to the next level.

Drag and Drop Photos, Files, and Text

  • Firstly, tap and hold on the file, photo or you can select text as well, which you want to drag to another app.
  • Start dragging the item to its destination; you have to be that elsewhere in the same app, or a different app that has been opened up by you in Slide Over or Split View, and then release it.

Drag and Drop Multiple Photos or Files Simultaneously

  • Here, you will need to tap and hold one of the files or photos that you want to drag.
  • While you are dragging your current item, you need to tap on another file or photo that you also want to drag. You will have to do this again and again with as many items as you want to move.
  • Now, you have to drag your items to their intended destination either in their current app or in one that has been opened up in Slide Over or Split View, and then release them.

Drag and Drop Text from One App to Another

  • Here, you will just need to tap and hold on the part of the text you want to drag to underline or highlight it.
  • Then use the selection points for highlighting the entire text you want to drag.
  • Tap and hold on the text you have selected.
  • Simply drag the text to the app in which you want to place it and then release it.

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