How to Share Phone Contacts through iMessage

iMessage is one of the most liked platforms for iPhone. You must try to make sure that all of your contacts are synced up and up to date. If a contact is missing at times and someone else has the contact on their phone, then use the following process to share contacts between the two.

In this blog you will learn how to share phone contacts through the iMessage interface.

Steps to Share Phone Contacts In iOS Via iMessage

For sending the contact, have the sender Contacts App or open the contact in the iOS address book.

  1. Go down to the bottom of contact and select Share Contact.
  2. In the sharing menu, pick Message, this is the most easiest method since it will SMS the text or iMessage the contact.
  3. When the SMS chat window appears, It will be already populated inside the blue box with the contact details.
  4. Just address the text message.
  5. Add a comment in the box with the contact.
  6. Then tap the blue upwards arrow for sending it.
  7. Tap once on blue speech bubble window containing contact.
  8. You will now see the contact details listed.
  9. Scroll to bottom and tap on Create New Contact.
  10. Now you will see a new entry in your iOS address book.
  11. Tap Done.
  12. The entry now will be saved to your iOS contacts.

It is easy to share contacts when you know where to look. So many people have no idea that the above-discussed function even exists. They instead spend time typing in new contacts manually. This also works but it is much slower and increases the likelihood of mistakes.

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