How to Generate iPhone Ringtone To Personalize Your iOS Device

There are various sounds that are available on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can easily purchase any ringtones and other music from the iTunes store. There are many people for whom ringtone is an audible expression of what they are feeling internally. Let’s come to iPhone ringtones, Ripple and Chimes will only get you a little far. iTunes can make a playlist of your favorite songs. It is evident that no one would like to pay for a ringtone. There are various apps available that allow you to generate ringtones.

Although the process can be a little circuitous, it wants you to copy the files and change various extensions name.

Generate iPhone Ringtones in four simple steps:

1- Select Your Sound

  • First and foremost, you will require the sound you have to use.
  • Many use TV shows or soundtracks of the movie.
  • Many out there go for special effects.
  • You need to decide what you have to use and you can quickly get it on your computer.
  • You can take help of YouTube to download the audio.
  • You can also use the existing MP3 file you want to use.

2- Edit with the help of Audacity

So now that you have the file, you can edit it. Any iPhone ringtone will be only 30 seconds in length. It will again start from the beginning after 30 seconds. You have to do some editing. Here the free and open source of Audacity is needed. You can just load the MP3 file into it and take the part you need and generate a brand new file.

3-  Create File in Audacity

Launch and install free Audacity. Simply upload an MP3 version of the audio. Now you need to make sure what 30-second segment you have to use. It is entirely possible that the beginning of sound isn’t the best part. Listen to your file in Audacity and clip 30 seconds part. You can drag that particular part with the help of your trackpad and mouse. It is best if you make it 28 or 29 seconds. Ensure that your clip is working without any worry. Go to File->Save other->Export Selected Audio and then save it as a new file.

Audacity would require you to point towards Lame file that is important for creating new MP3 files.

4- Convert to iOS Format

You may just upload the file of under 30 seconds. You can convert it to iOS format. You can’t just upload an MP3 file. To upload an MP3 file, your iOS device will think it belongs to the music section and will drop it there. You have to convert it to MP3 file to M4R format to get it to ringtones sections.

How can you change your ringtone

  1. On your iOS device, head over to Settings>Sounds and Haptics.
  2. In Sounds and Vibrations Patterns, click sound that you have to change.
  3. You can change your ringtone, Calendar Alerts, Text tone, New mail sound, and much more.
  4. Click on the name of ringtone or the alert tone to hear it play.
  5. Now set it as a new sound.

You can set Ringtone or the Text Tone for a particular contact.

  1. In the Contacts app. Search and tap a particular contact.
  2. Click edit in the upper right corner.
  3. Click ringtone or the text tone.
  4. Select a new sound.

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