6 Best Tab Manager Extensions for Google Chrome in 2018

Google Chrome is one of the highly used web browsers. It is famous for providing super fast web experience and simple design understandable for all users. When compared to other browsers, Google Chrome is undoubtedly faster in loading and showing the search results on the web page. When it comes to our working life, we love to execute various tasks altogether. This type of multitasking skill is crucial to increase productivity and achieve a large number of tasks in a limited period.

Here are the best Tab Manager Extensions for Google Chrome in 2018

To increase your work productivity, these apps are most helpful. Here we present you a brief description of these tab manager extensions:

  • Workona: The best tab manager for productivity.
  • The Great Suspender: The best tab manager for saving memory.
  • Tab Snooze: The best tab manager for snoozing tabs.
  • Session Buddy: The best tab manager for session management.
  • TooManyTabs: The best tab manager for previewing tabs.
  • OneTab: The best tab manager for instant cleanup.

Best Tab Manager Extensions for Google Chrome

  1. Workona

For users who do most of their work in Chrome, Workona supercharges their productivity and help them keep all of their projects and tabs organized. Workona also has free cloud backup, which means you’ll never have to worry about losing your work.

  1. The Great Suspender

If you want a tab suspender for your Chrome, you are likely to find it really hard to beat The Great Suspender extension. There’s a reputation of Chrome for earning a reputation as a memory hog, so it sounds good to be able to keep your tabs right at the position where they are without covering much memory.

  1. Tab Snooze

If you are used to using tabs as a to-do list, believe me, tab extension is for you. Here, from any tab, you can simply tap the moon icon and choose a time you want to snooze a tab. This will temporarily shut the tab and reopen it on the time you’ve set for it. Tab Snooze is designed to work well in conjunction with both The Great Suspender and Workona extensions. Thus, you can take full control of your tabs in your Chrome browser.

  1. Session Buddy

If you are looking forward to saving full chrome sessions and recover them later, Session Buddy is absolutely made for you. For example, if there are three windows open with having few tabs in each, you can easily save the entire session using Session Buddy. Also, you can reopen all three windows later on.

  1. TooManyTabs

This extension gives you a little preview of each of your open tabs to help you acquire what you are looking for. Other than tab previews, TooManyTabs also offers the feature that allows you to suspend tabs and an ability to reopen them later.

  1. OneTab

If you’re one of the individuals who need to put all the files on their desktop from time to time in a folder called Desktop, then you’ll love this OneTab extension. By just clicking a button, OneTab closes all your open tabs in the current Chrome window; also, it keeps them safe in a tab group that you can restore later.

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